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Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown is the daughter of the late Oscar Brown, Jr., a world renowned composer, social activist, and legendary giant on the Jazz music scene. Mr. Brown passed on his artistic integrity to his daughter who now uses her own voice to create images that excite and inspire. For 19 years, the songstress has nationally toured her one-woman show, “LEGACY: Our Wealth of Music” which follows the history and evolution of African American music and covers a wide range of musical forms.

As mother of three young boys, Maggie sees the need to work through the arts to make an impact on young lives. Her message fosters care and respect for words, music, history, and life. Miss Maggie’s vocal musicianship proudly heralds the LEGACY left by those who came before us. “Music is a powerful force. We need to use our music, which is our cultural expression, in a way that uplifts humanity, rather than simply for material gain,” said Brown.

The singer, actress, and educator Maggie Brown is no stranger to jazz-vocal legends with unique styles of songwriting: she grew up with one in her father. In 1999, Brown worked with the late singer/composer Abbey Lincoln on her CD, “Wholly Earth.”  Brown is more than a fan of Lincoln’s music, which remains an inspiration to several generations of jazz musicians who admire her for the earthy emotionalism of her singing and for the unmistakable tenor of her many compositions.

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