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Studs 101: The Nightingale hosts screenings on “Working”

“WHAT WE DO ALL DAY: A Pre-Celebration of Let’s Get Working”
Jan. 24, 7pm, FREE
At the Nightingale Cinema
1084 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60642



Workers Leaving the Factory (Dubai) by Ben Russell, 2008

Forty years on Studs Terkel’s monolithic book, WORKING stand as an insightful bench mark to our increasingly fraught relationship with our jobs. This screening pairs contemporary video and 16 mm shorts with excerpts from Terkel’s texts to see what meaning we can find in between the now and then. How have our ideas of labor, purpose and prosperity changed under a fully globalized economy, the growing shift away from physical labor, and expanding economic disparity? Readings performed by Mairead Case.  Screening curated by Christy LeMaster.

WORKERS LEAVING THE FACTORY by The Lumière Brothers (16mm, 1895, 45 seconds)
WORK SONG by David Sherman (Digital File, 2005, 6 minutes)
EVERYDAY PEOPLE (ROUGH CUT) by JoAnn Elam (Digital File, 1979-1990, 22 minutes)
DAD’S STICK by John Smith (Blu-Ray, 2012, 5 minutes)
DEAR BILL GATES by Sarah J. Christman (Digital File, 2006, 17 minutes)
WINDOW CLEANING IN SHANGHAI by Laura Kissel (Digital File, 2011, 3 minutes)
WORKERS LEAVIN THE FACTORY (DUBAI) by Ben Russell (16mm, 2008, 7 minutes)

Presented by University of Chicago.  Sponsored by Video Data Bank & Chicago Film Archives.